Thursday 3 September 2020

Our Story by Miranda Dickinson Blog Tour

 A lot of love stories in the past have followed the same premise - boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love oh and I guess they live happily ever after. Now I'm not complaining, I'm a sucker for a good romance but I do like when these stories have a little bit more about them, some substance, just something a bit more realistic.

And that is exactly what I think Miranda Dickinson offers with her latest novel, Our Story.

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Otty has just landed her dream job. She's about to join the writing team of one of the most respected showrunners in TV. And then the night before her first day, she's evicted from her flat.

Joe has been working with Russell for years. He's the best writer on his team, but lately something has been off. He's trying to get his mojo back, but when his flatmate moves out without warning he has other things to worry about.

Otty moving into Joe's house seems like the most obvious solution to both their problems, but neither is prepared for what happens next. Paired together in the writing room, their obvious chemistry sparks from the page and they are the writing duo to beat. But their relationship off the page is an entirely different story, and neither of them can figure out why.

And suddenly the question isn't, will they, or won't they? It's why won't they?

A modern love story

Otty is an independent woman, not following what others say, she's determined to get the dream that she's always longed for. But then she gets evicted and things aren't looking quite as promising as she first thought.

Joe is a man who seems to be permanently on edge, trying hard to keep his job as a script writer as newbies descend on the job and to top it off his room mate just upped and left in the middle of the night leaving him short for rent this month.

Fate seems to step in at the perfect moment.

Otty happens to be one of those newbies in the building and she overhears Joe's lodging problems. Using her new found bravery, she decides to ask about the room. I mean yes right now he's pretty much a stranger but what's the worse that could happen?

Can these two live and work together without trouble? Only time will tell.

Life happens

Throughout the story it seems to be not a case of will they won't they end up together, more like why won't they just admit their feelings.

And when it does finally happen - by that I mean a highly drink fuelled night of passion - they both fear the other regretting the night and let the moment pass them by.

As their lives carry on, this pair seem hell bent on living in misery purely because they think what they are doing is making the other happy. 

The saying love is blind definitely applies to Otty and Joe!

An epic and modern love story for our times, we will all see ourselves reflected in Otty and Joe. We are our own biggest barriers and this novel explores what happens when we get out of our own way. And it is glorious.

As the story progresses we get to see a beautiful friendship blossoming, and as the reader I was hoping for something more.

Stepping into the world of TV script writing, we get to see the pressures that come with trying to juggle the work home life balance, especially when you happen to take your work home most nights. I adored the progression in this book. I loved the awkwardness that came from Joe and Otty, it felt more real because it wasn't perfect.

Not your typical love story.

Yes, it was predictable at certain moments but the characters and the way they conversed kept me turning the pages. I found myself really hoping for that happy ending.

My one complaint, it just seemed to end so abruptly, it was well written how it appeared to come back full circle from the beginning of the book but I guess I wanted just that little more insight into where Otty and Joe's lives were heading after all was said and done.

Our Story is a fairly light-hearted contemporary romance which I'd say is ideal for a bit of escapism. 

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