Thursday 12 November 2020

Just Between Friends by Rosie Nixon Blog Tour

 Sometimes I like a book with a good bit of drama in it, you know the ones, where you feel like you could be watching a soap opera.

And that's just how I'd describe Rosie Nixon's latest novel Just Between Friends. Love, life and friendships all collide in this explosive book.

Aisha Moore is eight months pregnant. She’s thrilled, and a little scared. Not least because her husband Jason hasn’t quite wrapped his head around the fact.

Lucy is having her first child too. She has finally got her wish – although the circumstances aren’t quite what she had hoped. Oscar will be a great dad though, won’t he?

When the two women join the same baby group, they quickly become friends and before long they’re confiding in each other.

Only there’s one thing Lucy hasn’t told Aisha. And while a baby may turn your life upside-down, a secret this big will change everything. 

This book kept me guessing for so long!

A group of women, all pregnant, due around the same time, attend a baby group together. Pregnancy, childbirth and being the mother of a young baby/child will make most first time mums find some sort of bond with one another. 

Friendships are formed and they get to learn all about the finer details of birthing a baby.

All sounds normal enough right.

But with friendship comes secrets and lies and we all know that it only takes one lie for things to spiral out of control.

It becomes fairly apparent quite early on in the book that two of the women within this newly formed group are connected outside the group too, though not both of those women are aware of this connection just yet.

New mums. Old Secrets... The gripping new novel from the author of The Stylist.

This novel is told from two points of view. 

We hear from Aisha and Lucy. Both on the older side of thirty, worried about how things will go with their pregnancies and also fretting over their own relationships with their significant others.

It's almost like their lives are mirroring each other.

Throughout the story there is an electric current running through the pages, especially with such a big elephant in the room and no I'm not talking about any of the pregnant ladies!

Suspicions never quite confirmed.

Every time I thought that I had it all worked out, there was new twist, a different clue to make me doubt what I was reading.


We all know about 'baby brain', so when doubt creeps in, you could forgive certain misgivings and brush off what you think you know and put it down to being sleep deprived right?

Who knew that a book about pregnant women could be so utterly compelling.

I read Just Between Friends at a rapid rate and when I say rapid I mean in less than three hours! 

My only complaint, the ending seemed to lose the edge that the rest of the tale had. I guess I wanted a bit more of a dramatic ending, not such a happily ever after.

But I guess you'll have to read it for yourself to find out just what goes on between these friends.

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