Wednesday 9 December 2020

Everything is Fine by Gillian Harvey Book Review

 Every so often I find myself in a reading slump.

I find it difficult to engage/concentrate when starting a new book and my usual pace decreases rapidly making finishing a novel nearly impossible.

Recently on Twitter I won a giveaway which gained me a copy of Gillian Harvey's novel Everything is Fine and let me tell you, I devoured the story in hours. It gave me a much needed boost both for my reading ability and my mood in general.

Jessica Bradley has it all: the perfect boyfriend; influential healthy-eating blog; successful PR company and wonderful daughter, Anna. Or at least that is what her thousands of followers believe.

The truth is, her boyfriend just broke up with her in four words on a post-it; her zest for healthy-eating has all but disappeared; her PR success is all reliant on her now not-so-honest online-life and she just got caught eating her daughter's Coco-Pops.

So as they say: fake it 'til you make it. A few little white lies and phoney smiling selfies and Jess can keep up appearances. But when her real-life starts to spiral out of control how can Jess tell the truth from the lies? And will she be able to seize real happiness when it is right in front of her?

These days you can't escape social media.

From Facebook and Twitter to TikTok and Snapchat, the platforms are everywhere to be seen and unfortunately they don't always portray a true reality.

Now that's a person's choice however others then feel an urge to live up to the perfect lives they see but in real life things aren't necessarily as great as they'd think.

Sometimes being fine isn't enough . . . 

Jess Bradley is a fitness influencer but after breaking up with her equally fit boyfriend and putting on a bit of weight, she's beginning to realise that life on social media is harder than simply living.

We're all guilty of saying the words 'I'm fine', but we all know just because we say the words does not make them automatically true.

Everything is Fine makes you take a step back and have a think about what's real and what isn't. Social media has a way of making us believe that other people's lives are quite frankly perfect when in reality they are a far cry from that.

And I'll be honest I think being imperfect is preferable.

From parenting, job choices and all of those 'normal' day to day goings on, I found myself nodding along to what Jess was going through. Tough decisions, because there isn't always an easy solution.

Hilarious, heart-warming and oh-so relatable, prepare to fall in love with Jessica Bradley's search for happiness. 

This book is relatable and realistic. Laugh out loud funny whilst being rather heart-warming too. It's fast paced nature almost gives a nod to the pace of life that we find ourselves living these days.

Gillian is teaching us that when in search of happiness perhaps we need to slow down and look beyond our screens.

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