Wednesday 16 December 2020

The Humiliations of Welton Blake by Alex Wheatle Book Review

 Barrington Stoke have done it again!

Another dyslexia friendly book which is both hilarious and witty.

The Humilations of Welton Blake is the latest book from award-winning author Alex Wheatle.

Welton Blake has done it! He's asked out Carmella McKenzie - the best looking girl in school - and she's only gone and said yes!

But just as he thinks his luck is starting to change, Welton's phone breaks, kick-starting a series of unfortunate and humiliating events. With bullies to avoid, girls read to knock him out and all the dram with his mum and dad, life for Welton is about to go very, very wrong ...

The lead title for January 2021.

I can already tell that this is going to be extremely popular.

Our protagonist Welton is appears to be a typical teen. 

His dad has left his mum for another woman, leaving his mum more than a little upset 

But all isn't quite so bad for our dear protagonist because he's asked out the girl of his dreams and she only went and said yes.

Well that is until things are that bad and maybe a bit worse.

A series of unfortunate events you might say.

Hilarity follows disaster in this sharp-witted tale of the trials of teen life from award-winning author Alex Wheatle.

It starts with his phone dying, then he sees Carmella with another (more ripped) boy, this may or may not have something to do with him proceeding to throw up on the girl in front of him, all leading to him twisting his ankle.

And to top it all off, he discovers at the end of quite possibly the worst day ever that his mum is moving her boyfriend and his five year old son in with them.

Meaning he'd have to share a room with 'the brat'.

What ensues you couldn't even imagine.

From the acclaimed and award-winning author of the Crangton series.

This story is both funny and emotional.

Poor Welton's daily goings on read like an ongoing episode of Eastenders but despite all of the set backs he remains positive and upbeat, adding in some funny star wars references too. I admired his ability to retain a sense of positivity.

It is more of a light-hearted look at pre teen life.

With short, speedy chapters, it makes for an easy read, an ideal crossover for younger readers who are switching to longer, chaptered books.

The Humiliations of Welton Blake is a refreshing read, and looks to start off another great year of books to read.

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