Sunday 28 March 2021

The Hiding Place by Jenny Quintana Blog Tour

 Jenny Quintana smashes it with her latest novel, The Hiding Place.

The best-selling author of The Missing Girl and Our Dark Secret is back with a thrilling story about buried secrets and lies all wrapped up in what we think could be love.

And I couldn't be more pleased to be a part of the blog tour. 


Abandoned as a baby in the hallway of a shared house in London, Marina has never known her parents, and the circumstances of her birth still remain a mystery.

Now an adult, Marina has returned to the house where it all started, determined to find out who she really is. But the walls of this house hold more than memories, and Marina’s reappearance hasn’t gone unnoticed by the other tenants.

Someone is watching Marina. Someone who knows the truth . . .

Told from two points of view and differing timelines, this story follows to women.

First way back in the 1960s we have Connie, a 17-year-old girl, who after being left by Johnny (her boyfriend) as he tries to take his artistic skills to France,  discovers that she is pregnant. Alone and frightened but with a strong desire to keep the baby, she is determined to come up with a plan to reunite herself with Johnny in Paris.

Then in the more recent 1992, we are introduced to Marina. Abandoned as a baby, she is on a mission to find out who her mother is and why she was left in the first place.

It's not just people who keep secrets, some house do too.

Delving from past to present, the story was a crafted well. I'll admit that I had managed to figure out quite early on the direction the story was headed.

But ....

It didn't fall flat like some novels have previously when I guess things, and this was because as the reader I was still left to discover the hows and whys to certain circumstances.

There was an air of secrecy throughout the tale.

From the bestselling author of The Missing Girl and Our Dark Secret, comes The Hiding Place: a story about identity, love, long-buried secrets and lies.

There was a steady pace to the novel and the characters were well rounded.

Definitely had my doubts as to some of their personas and how genuine they really were. Both Marina and Connie were extremely committed to succeeding with the goals that they had set themselves. Driven by pure emotion.

As lives and timelines began to intertwine, I found myself engaged with the comings and goings at 24 Harrington Gardens.

Someone is watching Marina. Someone who knows the truth . . .

The ending for me was sorrowful yet satisfying.

A moving mystery rather than a typical suspenseful one. Jenny writes beautifully and really connects us to the narrative, sensitively done.

I wasn't prepared to feel tearful (not usual emotions for this type of genre) but this is what made the book just that bit more special. 

A worth while read.

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