Monday 5 April 2021

Flamingo Fashion by Samantha Hunter Blog Tour

 I'll be honest,  as an adult I'm new to the world of audiobooks. I've only just started sitting back with my headphones in and enjoying someone reading a story to me - I can even do other tasks whilst listening! Imagine that.

I remember listening to stories on cassette tapes (yes I am that old) when I was a young child but as an adult up until recently, I've always preferred to hold a book and read it myself.

My youngest two however love to go to bed and pop on a CD of stories to help them drift off to sleep.

And this is why I wanted to do something a little different for my blog and promote an audiobook.

Flamingo Fashion is a children's book by author Samantha Hunter (a book that she has cleverly self published). Aimed at children primarily aged 3-6, this book is designed to instigate fun and inspire little ones to get creative.

Freddie and Fifi are two fashionista flamingos who decide to open a fashion boutique and style other animals on the African savanna in fluffy pink feathers. The outfits they create have silly results and calamitous outcomes, teaching the valuable lesson that we are perfect, just the way we are!

Here's an extract to wet your appetite:

A lion then followed, nose in the air,
Snaking his tail side to side,
‘What can you do for a king like me?
I’ve got to impress my pride!'

‘A feathery headdress!’ said Freddie.
‘It’s the rage on the Copacabana.
We’ll style it with a bowl of fruits, 
You’ll be seen across the Savanna!’

The lion ran his claws through his mane,
When he saw his fruity new hat.
He roared, ‘A crown that’s fit for a king,
I’m such a cool looking cat!’

The use of rhyming words makes the story quite rhythmic, something that you notice more when you hear it read out loud.

I can see this book being quite entertaining if used at school as well.

You can purchase the audiobook from audible now, there is also a Kindle version available. 

And if you are looking for something extra to excite your children, go and check out the Flamingo Fashion website for added resources designed to keep little ones amused.

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