Wednesday 5 May 2021

On Hampstead Heath by Marika Cobbold Blog Tour

 I seem to be late to the party more often than not when it comes to authors. What I mean by that is that I don't read a novel of theirs until perhaps they've already released a few and I'm always left wondering why I haven't read any of their books before. 

This was definitely the case when it came to Marika Cobbold. On Hampstead Heath is actually her eighth novel and in this moment I find myself with a great need to have the chance to now devour her previous stories.


Thorn Marsh was raised in a house of whispers, of meaningful glances and half- finished sentences. Now she's a journalist with a passion for truth, more devoted to her work at the London Journal than she ever was to her ex-husband.

When the newspaper is bought by media giant The Goring Group, who value sales figures over fact-checking, Thorn openly questions their methods, and promptly finds herself moved from the news desk to the midweek supplement, reporting heart-warming stories for their new segment, The Bright Side, a job to which she is spectacularly unsuited.

On a final warning and with no heart-warming news in sight, a desperate Thorn fabricates a good-news story of her own. The story, centred on an angelic apparition on Hampstead Heath, goes viral. Caught between her principles and her ambitions, Thorn goes in search of the truth behind her creation, only to find the answers locked away in the unconscious mind of a stranger.

Certainly a book that will warm your heart.

I have to say it isn't necessarily my usual choice of book but I found myself quite enamoured with Marika's writing style.

Our main protagonist is is Thorn (Rose) Marsh. But this story isn't just hers to tell.

This is because when Thorn fabricates a 'bright side' news story when she is moved to a different section of the newspaper she works for, she unknowingly starts a different sort of journey for the angelic apparition that she has supposedly captured on camera.

Dearest Thorn is a journalist with a conscience so when her lies begin to catch up with her, she wants to reveal her secret but is torn when it becomes clear that the truth won't necessarily set her free.

Marika Cobbold returns with her eighth novel, On Hampstead Heath.

I adore Thorn. She is a quirky yet loveable character. Miss Marsh is an inspiring person, I particularly enjoyed the relationship that she had with her ex-husband. Refreshing and realistic. I wonder whether the author based her on anyone in particular?

The way her character is presented and how the story unfolds is exceptional. There is a heady mix of light and dark within this tale. Humour mixed in with darker sarcasm. Light-hearted moments combined with more sorrowful times.

Everything together made for a quick yet in-depth read.

Covering subjects such as grief and depression, On Hampstead Heath is a novel that is both entertaining and poignant. 

On Hampstead Heath is an homage to storytelling and to truth; to the tales we tell ourselves, and the stories that save us.

Thought provoking.

Maybe we need a bit more old fashioned journalism back instead of this need for fake news and celebrity based articles.

Also looking at the complexities of work/life balance and posing the question can we really have it all? The dream job, the perfect relationship and family. Does that sort of equilibrium even exist?

A novel that I will happily recommend to others and read again myself.

Now if you like what you've read, On Hampstead Heath is available to buy now but if you feel like you'd like to know a little bit more then please do follow the rest of the blog tour which is outlined below:


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