Saturday 10 July 2021

Cabin Fever by Alex Dahl Blog Tour

 Have you heard of the genre Scandi Noir?

I'll be honest, it isn't a type of book that I can say I've read but then again I don't necessarily pay attention to what type of book a story is, if the blurb captures my attention then I will read the book.

Cabin Fever by Alex Dahl is definitely a novel that caught my eye, so I was thrilled (this feeling carried on when reading) to be asked to be a part of the blog tour.


You are her therapist.

Kristina is a successful therapist in central Oslo. She spends her days helping clients navigate their lives with a cool professionalism that has got her to the top.

She is your client.

But when her client Leah, a successful novelist, arrives at her office clearly distressed, begging Kristina to come to her remote cabin in the woods, she feels the balance begin to slip.

But out here in the woods.

When Leah fails to turn up to her next two sessions, Kristina reluctantly heads out into the wilderness to find her.

Nothing is as it seems.Alone and isolated, Kristina finds Leah's unfinished manuscript, and as she reads she realises the main character is terrifyingly familiar... 

Clever, cunning, curious. Three words that come to mind when trying to describe this book.

The story itself looks at two main characters. First we have Kristina Moss, who is a successful trauma therapist and then there is Leah Iverson, who is an author of a semi autobiographical book but also a client of Kristina's.

Leah has slowly but surely been making progress after suffering from domestic abuse (trigger warning) but it seems that her recovery has taken an about turn when she turns up at Kristina's office battered, bruised and bewildered. 

What transpires after is unsettling to say the least.

There are many layers to this tale which are built over various chapters and different points of view. I described this book as clever at the beginning of my review and this because the author is brilliant at the art of deception. Making it impossible to know who to really trust.

Plenty of lies develop throughout this novel, some necessary, a means of protection but some are there to keep certain people in the dark.

What starts out with Leah wanting Kristina to go with her to her isolated cabin near Telemark - ALARMS BELLS RINGING - ends with something unimaginable. 

What makes this more interesting is the use of a book within a book. The guise of Leah having wrote another novel that Kristina HAS to read.


And this is what's needed to provide all the necessary answers!

In the end I wasn't sure if any character was reliable or even truly likeable but this made the book all the more compelling. Suspense and tension combine to create a tale that literally has you on the edge of your seat. And that ending, my jaw was on the floor!

This is more than just a thriller. 

Tense and twisty, this is a tale that will have your head spinning. 

And if you don't trust my review than jump on board the rest of the blog tour for more insight into this book that I know in the end you'll just have to read.


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