Sunday 25 July 2021

The Lucky Eight by Sheila Bugler Blog Tour

 Ok, so when I read the blurb of this novel, I felt as though it was like the book version of that movie Final Destination. What we get with The Lucky Eight is something a lot less cheesy and a lot more suspenseful.

Sheila Bugler has managed to create a 'whodunnit' that is both action packed and fast paced. A gripping story built up from a plane disaster.


Five years ago, a horrific airline disaster made headlines around the world. On the anniversary of the fatal crash, a number of those who were spared gather to mark the occasion. By morning, Nick Gilbert, a celebrity chef and one of the party, lies dead. Detective Rachel Lewis leads the investigation and within days another survivor is stabbed to death. It seems certain that a killer is targeting the lucky eight.

Clodagh Kinsella recovered from the injuries she sustained in the crash, but lost her sister that day. The bereavement shared by Clodagh and her sister’s husband led them to a romance of their own. Yet lately, Clodagh knows something isn’t right. As the noose tightens on the group and Rachel comes across more questions than answers, it’s only a matter of time before Clodagh will have to face the consequences of a mistake she made before the plane went down…

After a tragic accident five years ago, the survivors - The Lucky Eight - have over time formed quite a strong bond. A support network I guess, helping each other through the ups and downs, the feelings of survivors guilt. 

But on the fifth anniversary, one of the eight is found dead, most likely murdered and now the group are questioning just how well they know one another.

When the plane crashed, 160 people perished. Now someone killing off the survivors.

Going from feeling grateful to have pulled through such a horrific event all those years ago, those feelings flipped, perhaps they weren't lucky, just on borrowed time.

The author combines friendships, relationships and murder brilliantly.

There is a real diverse cast of characters and I have to say there were moments when I felt they were all guilty of something. It was refreshing to see that all of them had flaws, even if some tried to hide them from the outside world.

Although many perspectives are explored throughout the novel, the main focus seemed to be on Clodagh Kinsella - sister of a famous actress who did on the flight and Detective Rachel, as she works with her partner Ade to try and find the killer.

A tense and gripping crime thriller, perfect for fans of Lesley Kara and Mari Hannah.

Plenty of secrets and even more questions arise the further into the book we get.

I loved how the author had intricately intertwined the lives of each of the survivors, little connections that we were slowly made aware of as the tension rose.

I'll admit to changing my mind quite frequently throughout as to just who had committed the crime.

More of a psychological crime thriller, I liked the feeling as I read that I was a detective too, a feeling of determination to try and work out the culprit before they did in the story. And it was great to see the emotions of the aftermath of such a tragic event were explored too. There was a attention to detail, taking in the whole picture not just focusing on the crime itself.

I'd describe The Lucky Eight as a classic whodunnit novel. A well written story with an abundance of suspects that is filled with plenty of curiosity and intrigue.

If you like the sound of this novel you can of course buy it now. Or you can join the rest of the blog tour outlined below for more reviews and insights.


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