Saturday 24 July 2021

Reckless by RJ McBrien Blog Tour

 Last year the genre of crime thriller quickly became one of my favourites to read, I'm always eager to discover new authors from this type of category so when I was asked if I would like to be a part of the blog tour for a debut crime thriller, I jumped at the chance.

As I just mentioned, Reckless is the debut novel from script write RJ McBrien who has previously written for programmes such as The Bill, Spooks and Wallander. And I confidently say (no spoilers) that his passion for writing has shone through in this book.


Kirsten Calloway knows she should be grateful. She has a stable marriage, decent job, and a wonderful teenage daughter. But she also has a raging libido that won't shut up, and a husband who'd rather go on a bike ride.

She bumps into an old friend at a school reunion who faces a similar problem. Dianne, though, has found the answer: a discreet agency which arranges casual sex for people just like them, people who want to keep their marriages but also scratch that itch.

Enter Zac: younger, handsome and everything Kirsten could hope for in bed. For a while, they seem to have it all. Kirsten even finds herself becoming a better wife and mother. But Zac wants more – a lot more, and he'll stop at nothing to get it.

Kirsten seems like your typical married woman. Mid forties, seemingly happily married, with a child that is old enough not to need so much parental support. 

Unfortunately for Kirsten this sort of life no longer seems enough for her - especially after discovering her husband has been secretly watching porn whilst their sex life dwindles to nothing. Stuck in a rut I'd guess you'd say, she seeks some sort of gratification, a feeling of excitement and desire maybe?

After a chance meeting with an old friend at a school reunion, Kirsten steps into a slightly darker world, one where she happily cheats on her husband. 

You think you'll stay the same – you won't. Infidelity will change you forever. There can be no going back.

Appearing to have her cake and to be eating it too, her world comes crashing down around her when a body is discovered dead on the railway tracks and police have reason to suspect foul play (and Kirsten's involvement).

What transpires from this is quite literally explosive.

There is a sexual undercurrent throughout the tale, and it was cleverly used. Showing that there is a darker, less moral side to relationships.

What I loved about this story was the feeling that I couldn't actually trust anybody.

All of the characters had their own part to play, their own unrevealed skeletons in closets. They were all indeed reckless in their own ways.

Sexually charged, shocking and relatable, Reckless is a profound exploration of marriage, motherhood and desire. 

With each chapter, the pace of the novel speeds up. 

I felt a real sense of urgency and panic as more details were revealed.

Who knew infidelity could lead to death!

Something that the author did which really made the story unique was the use of police reports. Every few chapters snippets of the investigation were revealed and I felt as though I was becoming a detective myself, were these clues to help me discover what really happened?

And another thing to note.

For me, none of the case were particularly likeable, I wasn't hoping for any particular outcome which weirdly made reading it more exciting.


I know it gets said often, but I truly didn't see it coming. Along with the ending that actually even though I wouldn't have gone in the direction the author chose, was rather satisfying.

Reckless is a brilliant debut novel. The story captured my attention immediately and didn't disappoint. Turbulent, tense and twisty, highly recommended.

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