Monday 4 October 2021

A Little Piece of Paradise by T. A. Williams Blog Blitz

 Oh how I love a good romance.

It's just the perfect escapism, especially in the moments when you're having a tough time in your own reality.

And that's where authors like T.A. Williams come to the rescue.

So I am beyond excited to share with you my review for their latest novel A Little Piece of Paradise. Prepare to fall in love .... with Italy.


When Sophie’s uncle leaves her a castle in the Italian Riviera in his will, she can’t believe her luck. The catch? She and her estranged sister, Rachel, must live there together for three months in order to inherit it.

Having worked in Rome for four years, Sophie’s excited to revisit to Italy, even if it reignites memories of a cheating ex who soon learns of her return and wants to rekindle their spark. Sophie realises that distance does indeed make the heart grow fonder – but for her friend back home, Chris, who she discovers is more to her than just a friend.

With the clock ticking, can Sophie and Rachel stick it out and heal old wounds, or are the sisters destined to go their own way at the end of the three months? And does Chris feel the same way about Sophie as she does for him?

Let me start by saying, I don' think this is your typical romance.

Yes there are romantic relations but this is also a tale of love between family, sisters and also friends.

The story is ultimately about siblings Rachel and Sophie, who having not been in contact with one another for many years. Now forced back together again after their uncle sadly passes away, what they think will essentially be a quick holiday turns into something that neither of them could have ever contemplated.

The inheritance of a lifetime ... with a catch.

Set in the picturesque hills of Italy, these two sisters have now inherited a castle (and so much more), but it isn't as straight forward as a fifty fifty split and away you go.

The will stipulates that they must spend 3 months together, working with each other to improve the castle before selling it. With the ulterior motive that these women reconcile after a  sad and unnecessary rift.

What transpires is a beautiful, uplifting tale.

Of course there is an abundance of love but that is balanced out well with humour and meaningful conversations.

A beautiful story of romance and sisterhood, perfect for fans of Alex Brown and Lucy Coleman.

What really gave the story an extra spark for me were all of the descriptions used. I could imagine the settings vividly and I felt all of the emotions that were coursing through the novel.

And what was refreshing, the fact that the romantic elements came secondary to the reunion of Rachel and Sophie.

A Little Piece of Paradise is a gentle tale filled to the brim with warmth and tenderness. If you're looking to hold onto the summer for a little bit longer, then this is the story for you.

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