Thursday 30 September 2021

We Were Never Here by Andrea Bartz Blog Tour

 Have you ever looked at one of your friendships and felt like things were just not quite right? Perhaps they are taking you for granted, there might even be a power imbalance - i.e. one of you takes you charge whilst the other simply nods and goes along with the plans.

No relationship whether platonic, sexual or otherwise is perfect is it but the kind of friendship shown in We Were Never Here is terrifyingly toxic and I don't need the rest of my blog tour spot to tell you that you need to read this book!


Emily is having the time of her life--she's in the mountains of Chile with her best friend, Kristen, on their annual reunion trip, and the women are feeling closer than ever. But on the last night of their trip, Emily enters their hotel suite to find blood and broken glass on the floor. Kristen says the cute backpacker she'd been flirting with attacked her, and she had no choice but to kill him in self-defense. Even more shocking: The scene is horrifyingly similar to last year's trip, when another backpacker wound up dead. Emily can't believe it's happened again--can lightning really strike twice?

Back home in Wisconsin, Emily struggles to bury her trauma, diving head-first into a new relationship and throwing herself into work. But when Kristen shows up for a surprise visit, Emily is forced to to confront their violent past. The more Kristen tries to keep Emily close, the more Emily questions her friend's motives. As Emily feels the walls closing in on their coverups, she must reckon with the truth about her closest friend. Can she outrun the secrets she shares with Kristen, or will they destroy her relationship, her freedom--even her life?

This is the story of Emily Donovan and Kristen Czarnecki.

Two women who have been best friends since college at Northwestern University. 

Fast forward ten years and they appear to be just as close as they were when they first met. Emily is now living in Milwaukee and Kristen is all the way around the other side of the world in Sydney. But this doesn't stop them from staying in contact.

Taking a girls trip once a year helps them maintain their bond.

Sounds ideal, the kind of companionship I'd enjoy.

But not all is at it seems and when their latest holiday takes a rather sinister turn, the girls' bond is well and truly put to the test.

An annual backpacking trip has deadly consequences in a chilling new novel from the bestselling author of The Lost Night and The Herd.

This is one crazy story!

Emily is our narrator, and I'll be honest there were many moments in the book where I questioned her sanity but it's Kristen that had me worrying the most.

The author has done a fantastic job of placing doubt, both between the characters themselves and to me as the reader. There is an air of tension that simmers throughout the pages and that was present from the very beginning right up until the final pages.

Dysfunctional is my best way to describe this story.


Co-dependency and manipulation are prevalent factors throughout, giving off real 'Single White Female' vibes.

My only complaint is the pacing.

There were times where it felt fast paced and it really was a thriller of a book but I think it was perhaps a tad too long of a story and there were moments that I felt could have been cut to keep me turning the pages at the same rate.

Over all I loved it.

We Were Never Here is a creepy, clever and climatic novel. Just you wait until you read that ending, your jaw will hit the floor!

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