Wednesday 27 October 2021

Femlandia by Christina Dalcher Blog Blitz

 Christina Dalcher in recent years has become one of my favourite authors. I found her previous novels, Vox and Q to be relevant and chillingly genius with their storylines.

Her latest novel Femlandia, after reading the blurb sounded like it was going to be just as clever and now I'm here with my space on the blog tour to let you know if it lived up to my expectations.

Miranda Reynolds always thought she would rather die than live in Femlandia. But that was before the country sank into total economic collapse and her husband walked out in the harshest, most permanent way, leaving her and her sixteen-year-old daughter with nothing. The streets are full of looting, robbing, and killing, and Miranda and Emma no longer have much choice—either starve and risk getting murdered, or find safety. And so they set off to Femlandia, the women-only colony Miranda’s mother, Win Somers, established decades ago.

Although Win is no longer in the spotlight, her protégé Jen Jones has taken Femlandia to new heights: The off-grid colonies are secluded, self-sufficient, and thriving—and Emma is instantly enchanted by this idea of a safe haven. But something is not right. There are no men allowed in the colony, but babies are being born—and they’re all girls. Miranda discovers just how the all-women community is capable of enduring, and it leads her to question how far her mother went to create this perfect, thriving, horrifying society.

Could you live in a world without men? 

Would you even want to?

This is the question that Christina poses in her latest novel. I come back to an old saying, can't live with them, can't live without them.

When the country collapses and everyone is literally fighting to survive.

Miranda Reynold’s husband Nick chooses the worst time to leave her and their teenage daughter Emma behind. A simple text to her saying he’s sorry before driving the Maserati coupe off the side of the mountain.

Femlandia appears to be the only place to go for Miranda Reynolds and her daughter Emma even though Miranda doesn't want to as for her the concept isn't one that she's fully on board with.

Founded by her own mother, Femlandia is known as a sort of feminist utopia, a safe place for womyn (no man) where they can live freely.

But all is not as it seems, and Miranda discovers quite early on in their stay that they've been sold a dream when in fact it is the stuff of nightmares.

Now this is a hard book to review without giving too much away.

What I will say is this, Femlandia is a story that makes you think.

There are so a lot of subjects in this book which could be extremely triggering including extreme violence, rape, invest etc. Hard to read about at times but Christina writes about them sensibly and sensitively. 

Dark and disturbing.

I have to admit that Femlandia isn't my favourite Dalcher novel but it still packs a punch.

Join the rest of the tour to see how other readers rated the novel.

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