Monday 22 November 2021

The Bone Shard Emperor by Andrea Stewart Blog Tour

 Last year I had the absolute pleasure of reading and reviewing the first book in Andrea Stewarts Drowning Empire series. I was hooked from the first page so when I was offered the chance to join the blog tour for the second book in the set The Bone Shard Emperor, I jumped at the chance.

So here I am sharing my thoughts with you all (spoiler, I highly recommend this novel)


The Emperor is Dead. Long live the Emperor.  
Lin Sukai finally sits on the throne she won at so much cost, but her struggles are only just beginning. Her people don’t trust her. Her political alliances are weak. And in the north-east of the Empire, a rebel army of constructs is gathering, its leader determined to take the throne by force.  
Yet an even greater threat is on the horizon, for the Alanga – the powerful magicians of legend – have returned to the Empire. They claim they come in peace, and Lin will need their help in order to defeat the rebels and restore peace.  

But can she trust them?

Let me start by saying, what an epic sequel!

I just loved the world building in The Bone Shard Daughter and the second book in the series is no different. Everything is rich in detail, I could imagine everything so vividly in my mind. With fragments revealed slowly over each chapter, I felt compelled to turn the pages at a rapid rate.

The setting, the characters and the story itself. Everything combined made for a mysterious tale that was well paced with plenty of plot progression.

Literally starting where The Bone Shard Daughter ended, I was desperate to find out just where Andrea would lead us in this latest instalment.

There are quite a few POV (as it was in the first book) but the way it is written makes it fairly easy to follow. The characters are all very individual so I could hear their voices in my head with every change of the narrator.

The main characters are still the same, Lin the Emperor and Jovis and ex smuggler and member of the rebel The Shardless Few, and now Captain of the Guards. 

Expertly written, the atmosphere is electric throughout and everything is wonderfully magical.

Because of the array of characters there are small branches that come off of the main story and this simply added layers to the novel. Perhaps an opportunity for spin off novels/novellas? If anything I just felt the need to read even more.

My favourite characters were actually the ones that had more of a magical presence like Mephi and Thrana. 

BUT . . .

I'm now desperate to see what direction Lin and Jovis's relationship might take in subsequent stories.

Fantasy and adventure combine to make an explosive tale with plot twits that you really won't see coming and with that comes a real and raw emotion. At times I was unsure - on the edge of my seat - as to how it would all end.

Intense and atmospheric. Andrea Stewart has managed to recreate the same appealing action in this addition and I for one am looking forward to the next instalment.

Do join the rest of the blog tour to find out more and believe me you really will want to!

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