Monday 22 November 2021

Bob the Bear's Adventures by Alice Chambers Book Review

 Now I know my children are technically older now (hence why my book reviews are predominently adult now). However I do have a younger nephew and I work in a primary school so sometimes I can't resist a good picture book.

Today I'm pleased to share with you my thoughts on Bob the Bear's Adventures by Alice Chambers, who first wrote this story to share with her grandchildren.


Bob the Bear tries to hide in Alice's garden but is always discovered . . . and it seems to love climbing more than hiding! 

Please join Bob the Bear on his hiding expeditions and see if you can find him! He is sure to bring a smile and a giggle for both little ones and big ones when playing hide and seek.

Made specifically to appeal to pre-schoolers. This book really is a great way to engage with young children, inspiring them to get out and play.

We encourage children to learn through play and this book offers the ideas of how they too could play the classic game of hide and seek.

With simple sentences that go alongside funny and inspiring pictures, Alice has written something that is educational and engaging, providing uncomplicated entertainment to little ones. 

What I like the most is that this book is multi-purpose.

It is a story that can be read time and time again. . . but is also a useful resource. Not only encouraging a great way to play, but also boosting there imagination. 

Ideal for use for both at school and at home.

Children could play the same game with their own cuddly toys at home and schools could use this a great tool. For example in an English lesson, perhaps writing about where they would hide Bob the Bear next.

I can already picture children smiling and laughing as they read this book. Wouldn't it be great to have a real Bob the Bear to go alongside the book too.

Do you fancy joining Bob on his adventures?


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