Monday 10 January 2022

Betrayal by David Gilman Blog Tour

 I'm a person that is willing to give any genre of a book a go. I am a great believer that even if one story doesn't resonate with me, another of a similar subject may well capture my attention.

Now spy thrillers are something that I have never really thought to read so when I was asked if I'd like to read David Gilman's latest novel, Betrayal, I thought to myself why the hell not and I'll be honest, best decision I've made in a long time.


Someone's trying to start a war. And Raglan's just walked into the kill zone.

It has been many years since Dan Raglan served in the French Foreign Legion, but the bonds forged in adversity are unbreakable and when one of his comrades calls for help, Raglan is duty-bound to answer.

An ex-legionnaire, now an intelligence officer at the Pentagon, disappears. He leaves only this message: should he ever go missing, contact Raglan. But Raglan's not the only one looking for the missing man. From the backstreets of Marseilles, Raglan finds himself following a trail of death that will lead him to Florida, to the camaraderie of a Vietnam vet in Washington D.C., and into the heart of a bitter battle in the upper echelons of the US intelligence community.

Pursued by both the CIA and a rogue female FBI agent, Raglan's search will place him in the cross hairs of an altogether more lethal organisation. Tracking his old comrade, he finds himself in the midst of deadly conspiracy, and on a journey to a fatal confrontation deep in the Honduran rainforest.

This is David's second novel to feature the character of Dan Raglan, who is a former Foreign Legion fighter, coming under the alias The Englishman (also the name of the first in the series). Having not read the first in this set, I can reassure you that the latest instalment works well as a stand alone. 

Betrayal reintroduces us to Raglan when an old Legionnaire colleague of his, who now works for the Pentagon in an intelligence role, suddenly vanishes.

Contact is made through various networks and Raglan is the person who is trusted to start investigating the disappearance.

Unfortunately, his friend’s disappearance seems to be the least of his worries when it becomes apparent that this mystery is only a smaller part of a much bigger conspiracy. And all of this combined makes Raglan a person of interest to some rather dangerous people. 

Now he's being hunted and his own life is in jeopardy.


This is a fast-paced story that although complex, offers an abundance of thrills.

Along with plenty of action, I felt like there was also a good amount of character development. I liked how Raglan presented himself. A dangerous man himself, yet he also showed a good moral compass and he was passionate about what he believed was the right thing to do.

Tensions run high throughout, giving off a relentless and electrifying atmosphere throughout the whole of the book.

I said at the beginning that this novel works well by itself but having finished Betrayal, I've found myself wanting to go and read The Englishman, I wonder whether it will change my perception of Raglan at all?

Betrayal is a book that offers a contemporary spy story filled with twists and turns that as far as I can tell are well researched and fits into the genre of espionage with ease.

Praise to David Gilman!

Do follow the rest of the blog tour for more insights into this explosive tale.


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