Wednesday 26 January 2022

The Last Great American Tragedy by Mary Spencer Blog Tour

 A story holds so much power within its pages.

It has the potential to literally change your life, to alter how you perceive certain things in the world, to pull out emotions that you perhaps weren't even aware that you could convey.

This is exactly how I felt when reading Mary Spencer's novel, The Last Great American Tragedy.


As dictated in Plato’s Symposium, Zeus separated humans out of fear, damning them to a life of searching, leaving them with a glimmer of hope, a memory, a longing for their original other half.

Cordelia, an esteemed author, meets her other half under the most unusual circumstances. Grieving her mother’s death, she moves to the sleepy little city of Asheville to end her life. After a near successful drowning attempt, Doctor Locke saves her, thus starting a love affair that rivals the gods.

This is a romance.

Tragic like Romeo and Juliet but somehow so much more enriching.

A tale of love that makes you feel absolutely everything and more.

Cordelia (our main protagonist) is a woman who is grieving, so much so that all she wants is for her life to end. She cannot see a reason to live and won't allow herself to feel anything but deep sadness after her mother passed.

But hope is there, even if Cordelia can't feel it herself. it comes in the shape of Doctor Locke, who himself has suffered from a great loss, managing to have a different outlook on what the future should look like.

Love cannot be denied and what starts as something small, begins to burn bright like the sun, growing steadily.

But happy endings aren't to be shared by everyone, no matter how deserving they are.

My heart felt real pain when reading this book.

I cried, in fact that is an understatement. I literally sobbed, screamed in my head for a different outcome, no matter how necessary I believe it was.

Mary has written a story that reads like poetry.

Effortless is how it appeared to me.

The words beautiful yet catastrophic. Each one drawing out an array of emotional responses from me. It all felt so real, so honest and raw.

Two hearts in need of healing. 

Two souls colliding with devastating affects. 

The Last Great American Tragedy is a novel that is entirely capable of breaking your heart in the best of ways.

Join the rest of the blog tour for more insight into this strong and commanding tale.


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