Tuesday 15 March 2022

The Ogress and the Orphans by Kelly Barnhill Blog Tour

 I say it time and time again, children's books aren't just for children. So when I am invited to join a blog tour for one, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be taking part.

My latest enjoyment to read was Kelly Barnhill's latest book. She is the author of already popular books The Girl Who Drank the Moon and The Witch's Boy and now she's back with what I think will be a massive seller (some might even call it a modern classic) The Ogress and the Orphans.


The tag line instantly hooked me: There is magic in kindness

And let us all be honest, couldn't we all do with a lot more kindness sprinkled around the world at the moment.

Stone-in-the-Glen, once a lovely town, has fallen on hard times. Fires, floods, and other calamities have caused the people to lose their library, their school, their park, and even their neighbourliness. The people put their faith in the Mayor, a dazzling fellow who promises he alone can help. After all, he is a famous dragon slayer. (At least, no one has seen a dragon in his presence.) Only the clever children of the Orphan House and the kindly Ogress at the edge of town can see how dire the town’s problems are.

Then one day a child goes missing from the Orphan House. At the Mayor’s suggestion, all eyes turn to the Ogress. The Orphans know this can’t be: the Ogress, along with a flock of excellent crows, secretly delivers gifts to the people of Stone-in-the-Glen.

But how can the Orphans tell the story of the Ogress’s goodness to people who refuse to listen? And how can they make their deluded neighbours see the real villain in their midst?

Lyrically superb right from the beginning.

This is the story of one Ogress, fifteen orphans, a naughty, deceiving dragon and a town full of people who have lost their way.

Stone-in-the Glen is not as it once was and neither is it's habitants. 

After a series of unfortunate events (including their beloved library burning down), this once happy and charming place has changed immensely (not for the better I might add). Once a flourishing community is now filled with arguing residence and people living in poverty.


But how can you get back something which now seems gone forever? 

With kindness from the least expected places, that's how!

Mostly short chapters make this book quite a simple read. Perfect as a class book actually. What hooked me instantly was the narration. It was fun and engaging but also serious when necessary. Not an easy combination to portray.

Whimsical is the word I'm looking for.

There is a great focus on looking at what other people need, be good to thy neighbour comes to mind. We often forget to consider those around us, focusing instead on how we feel instead. This story shows great empathy and it really warmed my heart.

And as a huge book lover, I adored the use of the library and it's books within this tale, never underestimate the power of the written word.

Kelly has created an enchanting story that holds a beautiful message within it.

Quite simply, be kind.

Pass that kindness on and see how far it travels.

The Ogress and the Orphans is a charming and enchanting, bursting with goodwill and tenderness. In my opinion this is a classic fairy tale in the making.

Please join the rest of the blog tour for more insight into this beautiful tale.


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