Sunday 3 July 2022

Love You From A-Z by Linda Corbett Blog Tour

 There is something about the summer months that has me loving a good romance novel.

The sun is shining more and all I want to do is escape reality, especially if I can't actually jump on a plane and get away from it all.

And that's what Linda Corbett gave me with her latest story, Love You From A to Z.


Experience has told Jenna Oakhurst that Happy Ever After may happen in all the best stories, but Happy For Now is the best one ought to expect in real life. Yet lately even that isn’t quite enough, so when a strange set of circumstances leads her to discover a mysterious letter in an abandoned storage unit, she takes the chance to embark on a journey into the unknown…just like the heroines from the storybooks.

Reaching out to the letter’s author, Henry Somners, changes Jenna’s world irrevocably and she starts to realise that the magic she believed in as a child might not be such a fanciful notion after all…

The best way to describe this book is cute.

It's the famous trope of girl has boyfriend, meets another man and realises just what a douche her current partner is.

What happens after is friendship blossoming into something quite adorable.

Is Love You from A-Z something completely new?

No it isn't.

Does the predictability take away from the impact of the story?

Again, that's a big no.

Linda has written a story that for me, ticks all the boxes. 

The storyline is simple yet enjoyable.

It has some quirky and entertaining characters. My favourite being Jenna's sister and of course the cameos by the adorable guinea pigs.

And Corbett had the ability to make me smile through my entire time of reading it.

Love You From A-Z is one of those novels that reads like a Hallmark movie. Feel-good, fun and flirty. A quick read with a highly satisfying ending.


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