Monday 4 July 2022

Here For The Drama by Kate Bromley Blog Tour

 I love a good romance.

Sometimes you just need that feel-good factor.

About a year ago, I had to privilege of reading a novel from author Kate Bromley called Talk Bookish to Me

It left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. So when I had the opportunity to join the blog tour for her latest novel Here For The Drama, you better believe that I signed up to that instantly.

And I do not regret that quick decision. . . 


Becoming a famous playwright is all Winnie ever dreamed about. For now, though, she'll have to settle for assisting the celebrated, sharp-witted feminist playwright Juliette Brassard. When an experimental theatre company in London, England, decides to stage Juliette's most renowned play, The Lights of Trafalgar, Winnie and Juliette pack their bags and hop across the pond. 

But the trip goes sideways faster than you can say "tea and crumpets." Juliette stubbornly butts heads with the play's director and Winnie is left stage-managing their relationship. Meanwhile, Winnie's own work seems to have stalled, and though Juliette keeps promising to read it, she always has some vague reason why she can't. Then, Juliette's nephew, Liam, enters stage left. He's handsome, he's smart, he is devastatingly British…and his family ties to Juliette pose a serious problem, forcing Winnie to keep their burgeoning relationship on the down-low. What could go wrong?

Balancing a production seemingly headed for disaster, a secret romance and the sweetest, most rambunctious rescue dog, will Winnie save the play, make her own dreams come true and find love along the way—or will the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune get the best of her?

This story was perfect escapism.

Bromley has mastered the art of  comedic romance.

The plot in a nutshell follows Winnie, who whilst being a devoted assistant to famous playwright Juliette Brassard, is still trying to make her own dreams come true. She's writing her own play in the hopes of becoming as successful as Juliette. 

Whilst trying to juggle all of the above she is persuaded to make a trip to London with her boss and whilst there she happens to meet Juliette's dashing red-headed nephew Liam. Can anyone say instant attraction!

What happens next could see Winnie making some major life changes.

Witty dialogue and adorable characters combine to make this (like her other works) an uplifting and positive read.

I was entertained from start to finish.

Read it in less than 3 hours and no I didn't put the book down, it is honestly that good.

Fun and flirty, this is a rom-com that had me smiling and laughing constantly.

The conversations between Winnie and Liam are simply fabulous. A great balance of nerdy and playful with a sprinkling of sexy moments. I had everything crossed for a happily ever after for this pair.

The whole cast is vibrant, each offering plenty of humorous moments. Special mention to Ollie the cutest puppy of them all.

Here for the Drama is perfectly plotted. 

Wonderfully light-hearted, with a constant stream of brilliant banter. I literally have not one bad thing to say about this book. 

Already looking forward to seeing what Kate has to offer next.


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