Tuesday 19 April 2022


 It's no secret that I love a book that is designed to thrill, one that really keeps me guessing with twists and turns galore. So when I was given the chance to join the blog tour for Christian Cantrell's debut thriller, I of course grabbed it with both hands.


Around the world, twenty-two people have been murdered. The victims fit no profile, the circumstances vary wildly, but one thing links them all: in every case the victim is branded with a number.

With police around the globe floundering and unable to identify any pattern, let alone find a killer, CIA Analyst Quinn Mitchell is called in to investigate.

Before long, Quinn is on the trail of an ice-hearted assassin with seemingly limitless resources - but she's prepared for that.

Scorpion is a sci-fi/techno thriller that is set between the present and the future.

In various places around the world the grand total of twenty two people (so far) have been murdered. The deaths aren't the same, in fact the victims themselves don't seem to fit any rea; profile. It all seems rather random, except for the fact that every one of the deceased is branded with a four numbers.  

What those digits mean is yet to be discovered.

Plenty of police investigating all around the globe are stumped, literally unable to identify any usable pattern that connects all of those who have been brutally assassinated.

The serial killer is very much still at large and it's only a matter of time before they strike again.

That's when CIA analyst Quinn Mitchell is called upon. Can her expert knowledge really help crack the case?

I found this to be a brilliant cat and mouse type chase. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I was sat on the edge of my seat.

Well researched, there is a lot of scientific jargon contained within this story, ok I might not have completely understood it all (it's futuristic after all) but it was that dialogue that really gave this novel an extra kick.

Intelligent with keen observations. Scorpion is a fast-paced thriller that is brilliantly challenging. I was shocked to see that it was actually Cantrell's debut thriller as it's quite flawless in the way that it's written.

Explosively entertaining and uniquely unpredictable.

You'll want to catch Scorpion as soon as soon as you can!


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