Monday 3 October 2022

The Mistletoe Mixtape Blog Tour

 I've come to love a short story, even better when they happen to have a festive theme. 

The Mistletoe Mixtape happens to offer both so I was eager to see what this collection had to offer.


Snuggle up for the holidays with 12 very different tales of love that will have you dancing under the mistletoe!

The Mistletoe Mixtape, the second anthology from The Christmas Collective, is a diverse and inclusive mix of stories, with more swoon-worthy characters, second chances and happy endings.

Amongst these twelve Christmas music inspired stories you will discover long lost love, festive fantasy, LGBTQ+ love stories, witty one liners and holiday romances. There really is a story to capture every reader’s festive spirit. So grab yourself a hot chocolate, pop on your favourite festive tunes and immerse yourself in the magic of The Mistletoe Mixtape.

Twelve stories written by twelve different authors.

A bundle of tales, all very different but each one offering a slice of festive spirit along with some swoon worthy romances.

This is actually the second romance anthology written by these authors. They initially came together when they were successfully shortlisted for a festive romance competition. And combined they managed to create both this book and More Than Mistletoe (which I will now be looking to read).

Being reduced tales, this is a book that you can easily dip in and out of, reading one story at a time.

Just perfect for those quieter moments as the days begin to get shorter.

I really loved how each one focussed on a different trope, a couple of them being second chances and holiday romance,  but all of them ending with a little piece of love. 

And it isn't called The Mistletoe Mixtape for no reason, if I tell you that the title of one of the stories is Fairytale of New York can you guess what they've put together - that's right essentially it is a set of fantastic Christmas songs all made into fantastically festive tales.

Each one stands out in their own right although I had a soft spot for Stay Another Day - we all sing along to that tune now don't we.

I dare you not to feel even the slightest bit Christmassy after reading The Mistletoe Mixtape because after reading it (all in one day I might add), I now wish it could be a romantic Christmas every day . . .

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