Thursday 6 October 2022

Keeping a Christmas Promise by Jo Thomas Blog Tour

 If you visit my blog often, you will know that I am quite the fan of Jo Thomas. And I may love an author even more if they write a Christmas story... hint hint other authors.

So of course I was going to say yes to joining the blog tour for their latest release, Keeping a Christmas Promise.


A Christmas to remember for a friend they'll never forget

Four friends

Twenty-five years ago, Freya and her three best friends created a bucket list. The future seemed bright, full of hope and most importantly guaranteed . . .

One promise

Now they are travelling to Iceland in memory of the friend they've lost, determined to fulfil her dream of seeing the Northern Lights at Christmas.

A life-changing adventure

They didn't count on an avalanche leaving them stranded! Handsome local, P├ętur, comes to the rescue, showing them how the community survives the hard winter. With Christmas approaching, Freya and her friends throw themselves into the festivities, decorating and cooking for the villagers using delicious local ingredients.

But will the Northern Lights appear so they can honour their friend's wish? And can Freya's own dreams come true, this Christmas?

I devoured this story.

Thomas has a way of simply warming my heart with their writing style.

Festive feels and a real sense of community come across in this snowy tale.

And of course an added swoon-worthy romance makes it quite the read too.

Can't complain at getting a glimpse of an Icelandic hero!

The story begins with four friends celebrating. A holiday abroad, a hen do to be precise, excitement bubbling and bucket lists for future selves being made. I could imagine myself sipping on prosecco, making plans for adult life.

But we all know what happens to best laid plans.

We are taken forward many years in the future. Those twenty something, excitable ladies, now turning forty. Sadly four have become three and they're now looking to honour their sadly passed friend's life as they take a trip of a life-time to see the Northern Lights.

One eventful night turns into a  life-changing adventure.

With themes of domestic abuse, friendship, love and loss, Jo's writing style really does all of the subject matter justice.

The portrayal of grief was interesting as it was different for each character, not just a blanket of the same. 

Each of these women with their own paths in life, were doing their best to overcome mixed emotions.

And although there is sadness, there is also happiness to be found. 

This started as a trip to make memories, ends in a journey of self discovery.

What really made this story complete were the array of vivid descriptions used. Both of the settings and the food consumed. I quite fancy a trip to Iceland myself now.

Over all it is a story that left me feeling wonderfully hopeful, I'd like to have so many caring people surrounding me in my time of need!

Another must-read from this author.

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