Wednesday 12 October 2022

Sea Shaken JM Simpson Blog Tour

 Those of you who are regular readers of my blog will know that I have become quite partial to JM Simpson's Casteby series having already reviewed both Sea State and Sea Change (books one and two in the series). 

So when I heard that book three was nearly ready to be released, I may have squealed a little and kept my fingers crossed that I could once again join the blog tour so that I'd get the pleasure of reading and reviewing Sea Shaken.

And well, here we are . . .


All is not well in Castleby.

Her life hangs in the balance… He needs to be sure she’s dead…

Jesse Stevens lies in a coma after being pulled off a cliff by a psychopath who escaped from prison to find her.

He is in hiding, also hurt from the fall, but fuelled with rage. He needs to make sure she’s dead. If she isn’t, he’ll finish the job once and for all.

Military Intelligence Officer, Sam Jones, missing presumed dead, returns from Afghanistan after two years of brutal torture in captivity. Struggling to cope, Sam has no desire to carry on living, or return to family life, with his wife, Sophie, and son, Marcus. Sophie is desperate to help Sam recover and leans heavily on her friend and ex-forces soldier Foxy for support.

Castleby is plagued by a series of unexplained deaths among the elderly and that of a local fisherman. Inspector Steve Miller works closely with the new local GP, Kate Cooper, to try and find an explanation and they eventually uncover the sinister truth.

Just like the others in the series, this book is stacked full of drama and suspense.

And of course a little bit of romance doesn't hurt.

I feel as though with each book everything has just got better and better.

Simpson has a brilliant way of making you feel like you want to live where she is describing and the characters within feel like old friends. Really pleased to see Jesse and Doug still going strong! And then there's my favourite cast member, Foxy.

Over all, it's all extremely original, as though she's made her own genre of writing with the mix of thrills and tough subjects.


That's the best word to describe this set of books.

And it is that honesty that makes them all the more realistic and immersive.

There is mention of suicidal thoughts, and mental wellbeing in general but it is all done with the upmost respect and care.

Actually a great exploration of something that people still shy away from talking about.

Sea Shaken is one of those stories that I feel like I can't write a review well enough to do it justice and without giving away any spoilers as believe me, like its predecessors, this novel packs a punch and you need that surprise element to deliver the rollercoaster of emotions that are coming your way.

Cannot wait to see what this author has to offer next!

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