Tuesday 8 November 2022

The Weather Woman by Sally Gardner Blog Tour

 I do love a good novel that shows just how strong and determined the female gender can be, even when faced with some unjust obstacles.

And this is exactly what Sally Gardner has managed to do with her latest novel, The Weather Woman.


Neva Friezland is born into a world of trickery and illusion, where fortunes can be won and lost on the turn of a card.

She is also born with an extraordinary gift. She can predict the weather. In Regency England, where the proper goal for a gentlewoman is marriage and only God knows the weather, this is dangerous. It is also potentially very lucrative.

In order to debate with the men of science and move about freely, Neva adopts a sophisticated male disguise. She foretells the weather from inside an automaton created by her brilliant clockmaker father.

But what will happen when the disguised Neva falls in love with a charismatic young man?

It can be very dangerous to be ahead of your time. Especially as a woman.

Taking place in London during the early 1800s, we are introduced to a very special little girl, Neva. She has a gift, one that cannot be truly explained with any logic or science.

This small child can predict the weather.

But how?

The weather is seemingly unpredictable, changeable, it has no master to tell it what to do.

However, as unlikely as it seems, Neva really does have the ability to truly understand these forces of nature.

Remarkable, but in an age where women are meant to simply marry and look after their husband, home and children, this unique child is forced to hide her talent.

Not wanting to waste such expertise, her father comes up with ways that she can still use her genius whilst essentially remaining anonymous.

I was captivated from start to finish.

Sally herself has a true talent, writing, the words within this book are quite honestly hypnotising.

The perfect word to outline this novel is inventive.

When Neva described how she saw the weather, she described it as 'walking on clouds' and I could really picture it in my mind. The colours mentioned were quite vivid to me.

There is the bonus of a budding romance within the pages which I was definitely happy about, if you read my blog regularly, then you know how much I adore a love story.

Gardner managed to weave it into the story gently, it didn't take away from the main subject that was the visions of the upcoming forecasts.

The Weather Woman is the tale of a young woman who I guess was born in the wrong time because in this day an age a talent as strong as that would be celebrated and utilised by everyone regardless of their gender.

A charming story that in the end warms the heart.

Beautiful historical fiction.

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