Wednesday 9 November 2022

Never Forget You by Fiona Lucas Blog Tour

 Be still my beating heart.

Join my stop on the blog tour for Fiona Lucas's latest novel Never Forget You and prepare your purses because you will want to buy it before you've even reached the end of my review.


When Lili meets Ben by chance one hot summer’s day, it feels like fate. But life is about to take them in different directions, and so they agree to meet next July, in the beautiful hidden garden where they first laid eyes on each other. But one of them never shows up…

Five years later, Ben still wonders how he got things so wrong – he let the love of his life slip between his fingers. And then a stranger, Alice, arrives in his tiny Scottish hometown. Alice has no memory of how she got there: she can’t remember anything before that morning. The only clue to her past is the silver bee necklace she wears – the very same one Ben bought for Lili that magical summer’s day…

Hands up, who else is a sucker for a good romance?

Put them further in the air if you really like it when that becomes a second chance romance . . .

Well that's exactly what you get from Lucas in her latest book.

This is the story of Lili and Ben.

They have what I guess in modern day times is called a meet cute and I'd like to say the rest is history however best laid plans mean that their love story is over before it really had a chance to begin for reasons yet to be found out.

Fast forward five years and we are introduced to a complete stranger (or is she?) as she finds herself at a bus stop with nothing but the clothes she's wearing. With no memory of who she is, the panic begins to set in instantly.

Queue a handsome stranger ready to save the day, in the shape of Ben, you know that Ben from London and the start of the story. Are you beginning to see what might be about to happen? 

So many questions. Will this woman get her memory back? The only clue being a bee pendant that she wears around her neck - a necklace that our hero seems to recognise - will it be enough to jog her memory?

I'd call this a lost and found romance.

Told through split timelines, Fiona does a fantastic job of not only making the love blossom but also giving these characters detailed and meaningful backgrounds.

With mentions of  tough subjects including drug abuse and mental abuse, this isn't just a simple boy meets girl love story. It is so much more, this made the story both realistic and all the more emotional to read.

I was fully invested in what would happen to these characters.

Throw in a truly unexpected twist and I was hooked from start to finish, fully rooting for a much needed happy ending.

Never Forget You is a book that won't be easily forgotten.


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