Thursday 2 March 2023

Never Too Late by T. A. Williams Blog Tour

 I don't think it's any secret (if you look back on my blog) just how much I enjoy reading novels by author T. A. Williams.

It's that brilliant mixture of location and characters that draws me in each time.

So I was of course rather excited when I was given the chance to join the blog tour - publication day - for their latest story, Never Too Late which happens to be the first in the Beneath Italian Skies series of books. 

Spoiler alert, I cannot wait to read the rest of the stories!


A classically trained pianist, Steph works as a recording engineer for a small studio when she’s offered the job of a lifetime – travel to the Italian Riviera to help world-famous band, Royalty, record their reunion album after a decades-long hiatus.

Steph could definitely do with the distraction. Her boyfriend – who also happens to be her boss – is increasingly unreliable and erratic, and she’s awaiting news from her doctor after a recent biopsy. So an all-expenses-paid trip to Italy is the perfect escape.

What she doesn’t expect is an instant connection with Rob, the son of Royalty’s lead singer. With her career – and her heart – at a crossroads, what path will Steph follow?

As the blurb says, we follow Steph, a classically trained pianist now turned recording engineer as she follows her boss/boyfriend overseas to the shores of the Italian Riviera.

This job is already mind-blowing, working with a favourite childhood band, Royalty, but it turns out to be something so much more when she is given the chance to be a part of the band itself. Talk about dream come true.

But of course as one part of her life seems to be coming together nicely, others are taking a different turn.

She unfortunately finds a lump in her breast before setting off and then there's her boyfriend come boss who seems to have turned into a different person over night.

Steph faces a fair few obstacles and is forced to make some tough decisions but will these choices ultimately lead to her happily ever after?

Prepare to be whisked away to a beautiful destination.

This is escapism at its best.

As I said in my introduction, Williams does a fantastic job of bringing the location to life as well as the characters that reside there. You can picture them in your mind with real ease. I could feel myself relaxing the more that I read.

The storyline itself is thoroughly entertaining.

With a real mixture of love, life and family. It's brilliantly put together. And whilst the romance is enjoyable, it doesn't over-shadow from other parts of the tale.

A special shout out to Waldorf the labrador, he really did steal the show in the end.

Never Too Late actually shows us that it is in fact true, it really is never too late to go after what you want in life and that is a motivating motto to live by.

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