Wednesday 1 March 2023

The Mother by T M Logan Blog Tour

 I love T M Logan.

There I said it.

I'm yet to read one of his books and be disappointed. So when I was given the chance to jump on board the blog tour for his latest novel I literally jumped at the chance.

The Mother is a crime thriller with twists like no other. Read on to see some of the reasons on just why I can't get enough of this author.


Framed for murder. Now she's free . . .

A woman attends a funeral, standing in the shadows and watching in agony as her sons grieve. But she is unable to comfort them - or reveal her secret.

A decade earlier, Heather gets her children ready for bed and awaits the return of her husband Liam, little realising that this is the last night they will spend together as a family. Because tomorrow she will be accused of Liam's murder.

Ten years ago Heather lost everything. Now she will stop at nothing to clear her name - and to get her children back . . .

This story starts with a funeral.

That of Heather Vernon. 

Widow, mother, murderer?

Such an interesting way to begin a novel. You could say genius because I was instantly hooked. I read this book in one afternoon because I honestly couldn't put it down.

Having read Logan's other books, I was fully aware of his writing style and it's still just as gripping as his debut.

We are taken on a journey with Heather through past and present all with the purpose of proving her innocent of killing her husband.

I found it intriguing that we knew from the beginning that this woman wasn't guilty of the crime she was accused of. My detective head was put on instantly and I felt as though I was solving the crime alongside her.

As certain things are uncovered and discoveries made, if anything, it all becomes less clear.

The who, what and why of it all.

This is a sign of a good book, keeps you reading with increased interest as the guilty parties accumulate.

I loved the use of the police interviews. Showed a different view of the case presented to us. More details to work with. I found myself looking back at previous conversations to see if I was missing something, a vital clue.

My suspicions rose with every turn of the page.

Heather's ultimate goal isn't to prove that she had nothing to do with this horrific killing, really all she wants is to be reunited with her sons and those emotions that built with every obstacle in her way were highly realistic. I could never fully imagine how a parent would feel being put in that situation but I know how I'd react if separated from my own children.

I really admired this woman's determination and strength.

Adrenalin inducing and addictive.

The Mother highlights just what any parent is willing to do for their children and of course we all know that that means anything!

Make sure you have time to dedicate to this book because once you start reading it, you won't want to stop.

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