Thursday 25 May 2023

Maybe it's About Time by Neil Boss Blog Tour

 Some books really resonate because they use such recent topics that make us think, make us remember and perhaps put a different perspective on things for us.

I believe that is what Neil Boss has done with his novel Maybe It's About Time.


Two people trapped in their different worlds. One by wealth and one by poverty. Twenty years working for The Firm has given Marcus Barlow everything he wants but has taken his soul in return. Finding a way to leave has become an obsession.

Claire Halford’s life hits rock bottom when she is caught stealing food from Tesco Express. Left alone by her husband with two small children and an STI, her suicide music is starting to play louder in her head.

A chance meeting brings them together. As a mystery virus from China starts to run riot across the country, their world’s collide and they find they have more in common than they knew.

Set in the early months of 2020, Maybe It’s About Time is a story about the difficulty of changing lives for the better. Starting as a funny and satirical view of the egocentric world of professional services, it gives way to a heart-warming story of an unlikely friendship that rejuvenates Marcus and Claire, giving them both hope for a better future.

I'll be honest, when I first received the book I wasn't sure I'd be able to finish it in time for the tour. 

At 520 pages long, it is quite a substantial size novel but when I began to read it, the pages were rather rapidly turned.

This is the story of two people, Marcus and Claire. From outward appearances their lives seem completely different, poles apart. However on closer inspection it becomes clear that whilst they may not share the same experiences, in the end they do desire similar things.

This is a story for our times.

The use of covid within the narrative gave the tale a more realistic feel. The emotions drawn from it felt oh too familiar at times as these characters had to find their way through stressful events that went alongside lockdowns, shortages of many items, and the devastating sudden deaths that I don't think any human was prepared for.

I liked that both Claire and Marcus were seen separately at the beginning.

We as the reader were given a chance to truly get to know them and that made their growing friendship throughout the story even more heart-warming knowing their backgrounds.

Of course it isn't just these two that we are introduced to. Gavin gets a big mention, after all he plays a pivotal role in this budding companionship. And then there is the rest of the cast of supporting quirky characters - neighbours and friends.

Neil has created something that is exceptionally entertaining. 

There are plenty of moments within this novel that made me smile. Of course there are sadder moments too, but there was an over-riding sense of hope throughout the majority of it all.

Maybe It's About Time is well crafted and expertly researched.

A real pleasure to read.

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