Sunday 8 October 2023

My Book of Revelations by Iain Hood Blog Tour

 When the millennium was looming I was only thirteen years old. To be honest I was overly concerned with the Y2K mania but I know there were plenty of people who were.

Iain hood (author of This Good Book and Every Trick in the Book) is back with his latest novel My Book of Revelations and he's delving into the thoughts and feelings of oh so many of you out there as the countdown to the 2000's began.


The countdown to the millennium has begun, and people are losing their heads. A so-called Y2K expert gives a presentation to Scotland’s eccentric Tech Laird T.S. Mole’s entourage in Edinburgh, and soon long hours, days, weeks and months fill with seemingly chaotic and frantic work on the ‘bug problem’. Soon enough it’ll be just minutes and seconds to go to midnight. Is the world about to end, or will everyone just wake up the next day with the same old New Year’s Day hangover? 

I have to say I was rather intrigued when I read the blurb of this book.

As I explained at the beginning of my post, I wasn't overly bothered by all the craziness at the time but I was a teenager and I did like to listen into what the adults around me were saying.

Interestingly, Iain begins his countdown a lot further back in history. 

Carefully and cleverly exploring just how our world has changed over the years. Giving his own insight into how the idea of 'the end of the world' actually came about and why so many people bought into this wild concept.

Hood writes in a way that is both humorous and insightful.

There were plenty of moments that I found myself nodding along with, smirking because those moments really did happen but it seems entirely preposterous in this day and age that they were even a thing.

Short and snappy, My Book of Revelations is a refreshing read.

For me, it highlights in some ways just how much we haven't changed as a nation . Communication or lack there of it is still very much the same (I think) when it comes to all of those important decision making times.

And lets be honest, in a world where clickbait is an every day occurrence, I think if the events of the millennium were to happen now, a lot of us out there would probably panic even more because as is stated on the front of Iain's book, 'the apocalypse is coming, isn't it always?'

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