Friday 13 October 2023

The Takedown by Carlie Walker

 I am a huge fan of romantic comedies. Sometimes we need something a bit more light-hearted to give us back a bit of positivity. And that's exactly what I got with Carlie Walker's novel The Takedown. 

Described as Miss Congeniality meets The Love Hypothesis with the spice of Mr and Mrs Smith, this is a romcom that is written to make you laugh whilst giving you all of the feels.


He wants to take her out.
She wants to take him down...

Sydney's mission is

1. Stop her little sister from marrying a notorious criminal

2. Seduce his bodyguard to gather intel for the FBI

3. Definitely do not fall in love...

Agent Sydney Swift is going home for the holidays. She's just discovered that her younger sister, Calla, is engaged to Johnny Jones - the heir to the nation's most notorious crime dynasty - and she's determined to stop their perfect winter wedding at any cost.

But gathering incriminating evidence on Johnny isn't as easy as she'd hoped, especially as her biggest obstacle is Nick, his infuriatingly handsome and charming bodyguard!

As Sydney spends more time with Nick, lines begin to blur, and while seducing him to gather intel was bad enough, falling for him is even worse. Soon Sydney is faced with a difficult decision - one that certainly wasn't covered in her training...

If you couldn't tell by my intro, I really loved this book.

So let me share a few more details about the story and I think you'll quickly begin to see just why I want to read it too.

We are introduced to our protagonist right from the start. Sydney Swift. She is a coveted undercover CIA agent, who has just been given her toughest mission yet. Spy on her sister's fiancĂ© (a member of a notorious criminal family) and hopefully take them down.

What's the problem I hear you cry.

Well firstly her family are completely unaware of her 'real life' job, she hasn't made it home in 3 years and of course there's the tricky part where she's going to get her sister's soon to be husband arrested. However Sydney is nothing but professional and is determined to get the job done, that is until she happens to meet Johnny's bodyguard . . . 


This is where mission Takedown becomes slightly more difficult.

New agenda before exposing Johnny, seduce Nick. The Nick that she happens to have already seen naked and yes people, he is rather good to look at!!

What transpires after this is nothing but hot and hilarious.

Carlie has managed to write a great rom com that I guess you could also categorise as a crime novel. And I'm well informed that this is her first adult novel so it's even more impressive. The storyline combined with the characters instantly put you in a good mood.

Sydney's family are a great supporting cast, big shout out to Sweetie Pie- the family’s dog, the true star of the show. 

Sexy and suspenseful, The Takedown has it all. 

Thrills, spills and a kick arse heroine. It's fast paced and exciting. The perfect book to get you out of a reading slump.


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