Thursday 25 April 2024

Looking for Lucie by Amanda Addison Blog Tour

 YA is a genre that I often gravitate to but it tends to be more romance based. So when I was given the opportunity to join the blog tour for Amanda Addison's latest novel, the blurb had me more than interested as it seemed completely different to other books from this genre.


"Where are you really from?"

It's a question every brown girl in a white-washed town is familiar with, and one that Lucie has never been able to answer. All she knows is that her mother is white, she's never met her father, and she looks nothing like the rest of her family. She can't even talk about it because everyone says it shouldn't matter!

Well, it matters to Lucie and-with her new friend Nav, who knows exactly who he is-she's determined to find some answers.

What do you do when your entire existence is a question with no answer?

You do a DNA test.

If you hadn't worked it out already, our main protagonist of this story is the lovely Lucie. She is a teenager who, like many kids her age, is trying to figure out just who she is.

But there's a twist to her tale because Lucie is brown (how she describes herself), her mother is white, but she's never met her father. So just who is she really?

After completing a DNA test without her family knowing, Lucie embarks on a journey of self discovery.

Looking for Lucie is a contemporary YA novel that explores identity, self-discovery, and newfound friendship as an 18-year-old girl sets out to uncover her ethnic heritage and family history.

What transpires isn't just a reveal of who her father is.

There is so much more to this tale. As family history, cultures and heritage are revealed, Lucie doesn't just expand her family, she gains a beautiful friendship too.

I really enjoyed what was explored within this book.

Plenty of important topics were covered, the complexities of families, the hardships of simply growing up. Addison managed to do this in a way that I think is accessible to many age groups. Creating a way of understanding just why every household is different regardless of things like ethnicity and genes. You don't always need to be related by blood to form a loving family.

This novel for me highlighted the importance of the choices that we can make in our lives and the fact that those decisions are ultimately ours to make.

Looking for Lucie is a well-paced, informative story that is gentle in its delivery and is ultimately heart-warming.

A meaningful read.  

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