Sunday 14 April 2024

The 31 Days of May by Helen Aitchison Blog Tour

 It's time for another blog tour. Today I'm shining the spotlight on Helen Aitchison's latest novel, The 31 Days of May (loving the title).


Lets start with the blurb

In the wake of a devastating family loss, 24-year-old May finds herself adrift, her belief in love and happiness shattered. Struggling to navigate her new reality, May grapples with the persistent sensation of being a misfit in a world where she never quite belongs.

But just as she begins to resign herself to this feeling of isolation, tragedy strikes once more, propelling May into action. Determined to shield herself from further heartache, she concocts a radical scheme to safeguard against future abandonment.

That is until May meets Mr. Parsley, a charming retiree who becomes May's unexpected neighbour. As May meticulously executes her plan, the presence of Mr. Parsley and his grown-up son, Sam, threatens to disrupt her carefully laid out path. Will May stick to her meticulously crafted schedule, or will the warmth and kindness of the Parsley family lead her down an unforeseen, life-altering path?

The phrase best laid plans comes to mind when looking at this book, sometimes it's good to have a bit of spontaneity in your life!

If the blurb wasn't enough to get you excited about this story, check out the excerpt below:

May would never forget the day she’d first seen Thomas. It was the summer break of the first year of her master’s degree at university. She was twenty-two years old and had planned to look for and secure another job by winter, meanwhile working as many hours as she could get at Lawson’s over the summer holiday. She had grabbed handfuls of extra shifts like an eager cinemagoer grabs at popcorn. cinemagoer working there for almost three years, she knew the processes like the freckles on her face. She had implemented new ways of working, more efficient, methodical ways of working, and the owner, Jack, was delighted. The bonus for May was that she had her own small office, and although it was mainly taken up by filing cabinets, there was room for a desk. It meant some privacy from the noise of the rest of the team, but she wasn’t cut off completely, as her office looked into the main office and Jack’s office was next door. May had made a friend in Trish, even looking forward to their chats after her coat of awkward anxiety had become lighter to wear. Trish would talk about mundane things, such as washing clothes or the journey to work, and May would always listen intently, as she had done all those years before while watching science documentaries. Trish now understood that May walking away blankly was her reflecting on something she had taken from a simple conversation. She was always telling May she was Gone of a kind’. May wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing, but she did like to be around Trish, and her round cheeks and kind eyes made May content in her company.

Here are the links for The 31 Days of May by Helen Aitchison should you choose to purchase this fabulous novel.

Release date: 12th April 2024

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