Friday 21 October 2011

Winter woolies at the ready!!!

Well the time has come to break out the winter woolies.

For myself it is my hands the get cold when pushing the buggy. Now I found the best thing on Pushchair Trader, Mummy mitts, they attach to the buggy so that you can get your hands in and out easily but keep them toasty warm whilst pushing the buggy around.

Now Elise and Freya are fine, they love wearing their hats and gloves, Gracie on the other hand is a typical toddler and refuses to keep hers on. Now I wouldn't mind so much but my little lovely still doesn't have huge amounts of hair so her head has nothing to protect her from the cold. I've tried letting her pick out her own hat and gloves but so far it isn't working.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom.???


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