Wednesday 22 February 2012

Baby brain

So I am sure there are lots of women out there that will agree with me that baby brain does exist :) My memory used to be amazing before I had kids, now I'm lucky to remember what I had for dinner the night before. I think with every pregnancy I must have lost a few more brain cells. I am 18 weeks into this pregnancy and it is only getting worse

A few examples : Its taking me 2 months to remember to take a form back into playschool, oops
                             I can't even remember to write in my blog on a weekly basis
                             I put one of my hats down somewhere and I still can't remember where I put it :(

Even when I write things down to remember I still forget, when I go food shopping I always manage to forget something on my list.

Does anyone know of a cure for this disease?? If you do please let me know.


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