Tuesday 7 February 2012

What are you??

Well I am now 16 weeks yay. Heard baby Hazeldens heartbeat last week, best sound in the world, so reassuring.

Over the past week my husband and I have been having a bit of fun trying to guess the babies gender. You know all the old wives tales like certain food cravings, speed of the heart rate, chinese gender predicition charts, the list goes on. I don't think I really believe any of them but it doesn't hurt to try them does it.

Most mums say they just have a feeling about what they are having but I honestly have no clue as I thought my last child was a boy because the pregancy was so different to the other two but turns out he was a she lol.
This pregnancy is again very different to the rest so I just don't know. Majority of the old wives tales are pointing towards boy so it will be interesting to find out whether they are right or not.


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