Wednesday 29 February 2012

Questions questions

One of my lovely blogger/ mummy friends tagged me in this meme that I am just about to answer. For those of you who don't know what it is it is a set of 12 questions that I have to answer about myself, I actually like the idea of this as it definitely encourages me to keep writing on my blog as I have been lacking of late.

I have never done one of these before but here goes :

1.      How did you tell your partner you were pregnant with your 1st child?

      Mmmm now this seems like quite a long time ago seen as my eldest is now 6 (how did that happen) I remember my mum was on holiday at the time so I was left at home to look after my little brother. My lovely partner had been living with me at my mums since we started seeing each other and we had already decided that we wanted to start trying for a baby. When I missed my period I just a knew I was pregnant but when I done the first test it was negative. It took another 4 weeks to get a postive pregnancy test and all I needed to do was come downstairs and nod my head with a big smile on my face and he knew we had got the answer we wanted.

2.      Have you ever thought of starting your own business?

      I have but so far there just hasn't been the right time, what with being pregnant and of course there is always the issue of money. If there was nothing standing in my way I would like to set up my own salon as I am a qualified hairdresser.

3.      Why did you start blogging?

      I started blogging as a way to write things down about my children, what they were up to, about my feelings, more of a diary really so I could remember things that have happened.

4.      Your all time favourite pushchair?

    My all time favourite puschair would have to be the bugaboo bee+. This however was not my husbands favourite so the bugaboo and I had to part ways :(

5.      Most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

     Good question!!!!! Most embarassing thing for me was one of those times when I had drunk a teeny tiny bit too much, you know the one. Well my husband and I and a couple of our friends had decided to go out for dinner but we also decided to have a few drinks before hand. Lets just say I can't remember eating my dinner, infact I'm told I didn't really eat a lot because I fell asleep at the table, can anyone say ooops.

6.      Most trouble you’ve ever been in?

     Would you believe me if I said I was a really good girl and that I've never been in trouble?? I am already thinking why do all my stories involve alcohol, I'm not an alcoholic I swear. Well I was only 13 years old at the time and went and got drunk without my mum knowing, when my older brother finally brought me home I was a little worse for wear. So in the morning I was in big trouble, especially because I had been sick on my friends new blue carpet and made it pink, smacks hand!!!

7.      What’s your dream job?

     My dream job, my dream job, do you know I think I already have my dream job being a stay at home mum to my children.

8.      What was the last news you heard that shocked you?

      The last news that shocked me was about a child dying, something you never want to hear.

9.      What film always makes you cry – no matter how often you watch it?

      Does it make me really heartless if I say I don't cry at films, I honestly can't remember a film I cried at.

10.  What do you think would be harder for you to do... go to work and leave your children home, or stay at home with your children?

     Well I am a stay at home mum so I would definitely have to say going to work and leaving my childre, time goes so fast so I like to get as much time with them as possible.

11.  What did the last text message you sent say?

      Cool beans xx

12.  Did you have an imaginary friend when you were little? What was he/she called?
      I didn't have an imaginary friend although I did have a cuddly toy that I carried around everywhere, it was little roo and I still have him stored away somewhere now.


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