Friday 2 March 2012

Car seats

So with baby number 4 cooking nicely inside me, I now have to start looking at buying some baby bits as we got rid of a lot after Gracie because at the time we had decided three children was enough but I got broody :)

Seems to me that there is too much choice and whatever you pick you feel like you may have made the wrong decision. Now once baby arrives we are going to have four car seats in one car which I think will be a bit of a squeeze, luckily we have a 7 seater zafira so it will be manageable.

I've been leaning more towards the maxi cosi cabriofix as I already have the adaptors that go with my pushchair for it and all the reviews sound positive However the thing that puts me off is the price of the bases that go with car seat they seem stupidly expensive to me but do I really need one??

My baby brain can't cope with all these decsions x

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