Wednesday 5 September 2012

Time to test some nappies

As you may remember a while ago the lovely people at Baba+Boo sent me a couple of re-usable nappies and a pack of re-usable wipes to test and if you don't remember here is the link to that article to refresh your memory

Well Layla is nearly 6 weeks old, I have been using cloth nappies on her since she was 3 weeks old but I have been using my newborn and small size nappies.
Yesterday I decided it was time to try out the birth to potty nappies as they say you should be able to use them from 7/8lb upwards. I had previously washed the nappies and the inserts which you are told to do to build up absorbancy with nappies.

So I began by adjusted the nappy and the microfibre insert down to their smallest size placed the insert in the nappy, then I put a fleece liner inside ready to catch any stinkies that she might decide to do lol. I then proceeded to put the nappy on Layla. It was very easy to put on and the hip snaps are good to have as it meant I could get it tighter round her legs as well as her waist. Now Layla has quite skinny legs and waist so we ended up with a bit of a gap, I think we could have done with one more row of hip snaps to get a snug fit. However Layla seemed very happy in it as you can see by this picture.

The nappy lasted almost 2 hours before we got a bit of leaking from the legs but like I said previously Layla does still seem a little bit small for this nappy so when correctly fitted I think it would have last for atleast 3 hours. And remember you can always have more than one insert in the nappy to increase absorbancy.

When she needed changing I used one of the wipes that Baba+Boo provided me with. These wipes are double sided so one was definitely enough. All I did was spray it with water and wiped, nice and simple and no horrible chemicals on her bum!!! Then both nappy and wipe were put in a wet bag ready for washing, easy don't you think.

I am going to try out the nappy again in a couple of weeks once Layla has filled out a bit more.


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