Thursday 27 June 2013

Family day out with my Lin & Leo BabyBag

If you haven't heard the news, I was one of five bloggers that was chosen by Lin & Leo to review their gorgeous BabyBag.

To review the BabyBag, Lin & Leo are setting us four challenges to showcase just how good their bag really is. Challenge one was set last Friday, the challenge was to take the BabyBag on a family day out, challenge accepted!!!!

Unfortunately I had to wait a few days to actually take part in the challenge because typical British weather (you know rain, rain and more rain) meant that we were trapped indoors.

However Tuesday brought much needed sunshine and it was also my eldest twos Sports Day, this meant an afternoon out watching and joining in with races, this also meant I needed to pack up the BabyBag.

As you can see from the photo on the left, I had to take a fair amount with me :

* drinks for all the children
* snacks
* picnic blanket
* nappy wallet filled with nappies, wipes and nappy sacks
* changing mat
* change of clothes for Layla
* hats for all four children
* toys for Layla
* suncream
* phone
* purse
* keys

The bag looks quite small but looks can be deceiving. The photo on the right shows just how I managed to get all the items mentioned above to fit into the bag with ease.

I think the many pockets on the BabyBag really helped because it meant that I could fit plenty on the outside as well as in the inside of it. The bottles of drink, the sun cream, the snacks and my phone and keys were placed in the outside pockets, the only zip I couldn't close was the back one because the drinks bottles were taller than the pocket itself.

I have to admit the bag was quite weighty once I had filled it but the soft leather strap made it comfortable to carry, it didn't dig into my shoulders at all.

I admit after a little while I decided to hang the BabyBag on the pushchair rather than carry it.

Thankfully the long strap allowed me to do this.

The photo on the left showcases the bag hanging onmy Graco Evo Mini.

The strap was long enough to hang over with ease and it didn't get in the way when I needed to recline the pushchair as Layla fell asleep, all that sitting tired her out!! ;)

I forgot to get another photo but I also managed to squeeze the full to the brim bag in the basket, although I did need a tiny bit of help to get the bag back out after.

And let's not forget this was a family day out, I managed to get a photo of my 5 year old Freya mid run. This was her first sports day and she made me a proud mummy when she came third in her individual race, as did her older sister Elise. 

So the Lin & Leo BabyBag has been introduced to the family and enjoyed it's first family day out, I think we completed that challenge, I'm excited to hear what challenge two will be.

Disclaimer : this bag has been sent to us free of charge for recviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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