Wednesday 26 June 2013

My Claim To Fame

Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame, well I think we would all really love longer than that if given the choice, however for most of us this all remains a dream.

I was really proud when I got told that my step mum had written a book and not only that,  she was getting it published and if that wasn't good enough, she had already been contracted to write a second book in the series before the first one had even been released.

So yesterday I found myself shmoozing with the best of them at the book launch for Never Forget. This is a crime fiction. My step mum is actually is a police officer herself, so although fiction, she has made sure to keep everything as true to life as possible.

Lisa did really well, I'm sure she was extremely nervous but I got to listen to her read an excerpt from the book, not many people will be able to say they have done that. The free wine and pizza was an added bonus, if you know what I mean :) Although someone dropping their glass whilst Lisa was mid speech made me think we should have left the drinking til after the festivities were over.

I even got my copy signed. And yes you read it right, I am a fantastic step daughter!! Although I wasn't impressed that I had to wait in a queue to get it signed, you would have thought that me being so fantastic would have meant that I got fast tracked to the front of the line, luckily I had my trusty wine to keep me entertained whilst I waited.

Not only is Lisa my claim to fame, she is also the first "famous" person I've met. I am now waiting for her to hit the big time so that she can pay for my family and I to go to Disney World Florida, a girl can keep dreaming right??!!

Incase you were interested, this book is available to pre order on Amazon and will be released on 11th of July 2013.



  1. What a fabulous claim to fame

    1. It certainly is!! nice to have a new book to read too!! x


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