Tuesday 25 June 2013

Super times with Cuddledry

I was so pleased last week when the lovely people at Cuddledry picked me to one of their Super Bloggers.

For those of you that haven't heard of Cuddledry, this is company set up by Helen and Polly who knew all too well about the stresses of having children, so wanted to ease the stress by creating baby bath products that allow your baby to be kept safe as well as extremely comfy.

Being a Super Blogger means that I will get to share with all my lovely readers all of the latest news and offers that Cuddledry have up their sleeves.

While we're waiting, I thought I would share with all of you what my top three favourite products on the Cuddledry website are :

1 : The Original Cuddledry baby bath towel

Now of course the pink one was a must in my house, what with all the girls I keep having :)

2 : The Cuddlemoo towel

I want one of these dress up towels for me.....mmmmmooooooo

3 : The Cuddlemat

This clever bath mat changes colour when you step on it, leaving a trail of little foot prints.

Have you purchased anything from Cuddledry before, if so what was it?? If you haven't bought anything from them yet what do you like the look of??



  1. The Mat looks fab! Great, fun idea. We have the Original Cuddledry which is fab!

  2. Ooo! I love the Mat!! What a brilliant idea!


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