Monday 21 October 2013

Rain doesn't stop play!!

Daddy Hazelden is away Monday to Friday every week at the moment so weekends are family time. We may not do something really exciting every week but whatever we do, we do it together.

Well this week Autumn/Winter has well and truely arrived, bringing it with it cold and wet weather but we weren't going to let a little bit of rain ruin our fun.

The plan was to go up the Western Heights but it was a little bit too wet for that so we decided to go for a little walk yesterday and have look about town, I think comics may have been promised by a certain someone. So on went the coats and the wellies and off we went.

There seemed to be a pink theme going on.

And of course we couldn't go out in the rain without jumping in some puddles!! 

I'm glad we decided to go despite the rain because we managed to find this lovely book :)

Anyone else embracing the rain??



  1. What a wonderful book to discover at the end of your walk. I admire your attitude and embracing of the weather. I must say it looks like that here today. I might just take myself on a little farm walk, I wonder if I will find a Santa is Coming to Coombe Mill book on the way? Thank you for linking to Country Kids

    1. that would be a great book to find!!! :) thanks for hosting!!! xx

  2. Children love wellies and puddles. It's the simplest things! x

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  3. We love the rain, infact you just reminded me I need to buy Joss her first pair of wellies!

  4. lol, our wellies are getting a lot of use too ;-)

  5. We just bought some new rain gear so we are well prepared now! Mind you it has been a bit torrential here in Glasgow recently.


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