Thursday 19 December 2013

Was it Charlie and Lola's Bestest Play?

My family and I were lucky enough to be given tickets to go and watch Charlie and Lola's Best Bestest play at the Glow inside of Bluwater at the weekend, the questions was would it really be the bestest play?

Our viewing wasn't until 3pm so we decided to make a proper day out of it, doing a touch of Christmas shopping, eating a nice lunch out and visiting the Winter Wonderland. The girls got their faces painted too. My daughter's were more than a little excited and were asking on the hour whether it was time to go and watch the play yet.

When the time finally came mummy and daddy were more than ready to sit down and rest our feet while the kids enjoyed the show, the girls decided to sit right at the top at the back, the view was great, no struggling to see what was on the stage.

The play is done by the use of puppets, four puppeteers were very good at moving the puppets as well as joining in with their own facial expressions and movements too.

The play starts with Charlie trying to get Lola to tidy her room which wasn't the easiest of tasks. And of course the play wouldn't have been complete without an appearance from Soren Lorensen. Thoughout the play we see tigers drinking pink milk, dogs dancing and even a not so scary ogre.

For me personally I noticed some issues with the sound being either too loud or too quiet but the girls really enjoyed themselves, they were laughing throughout and when different songs came on they were up out of their seats and dancing. There was a moment when bubbles were being blown out into the crowd and all the children were jumping up and trying to pop them.

At roughly 45 minutes long, it was the perfect length, especially for younger children, it had my daughter's engaged the whole time and it even gave Daddy Hazelden a chance to have a quick power nap.

A lovely play that I think would probably make a good introduction to the theatre for younger children, worth watching whether your kids are fans of Charlie and Lola or even if they are not, great family fun.


Disclaimer : We were given tickets free of charge to watch this play however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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