Saturday 1 February 2014

Project 365 Days 26 - 32

Wow, can't believe that it is February already, last month definitely went by in a flash. Luckily for me I've been taking all these pictures to help me remember just what happened as I blinked and missed it.

Day 26

One bookworm, one food thief and two children who normally bicker were getting along for a change.

Day 27

We should have been celebrating my birthday but I ended up with two poorly children, luckily the biggest and the littlest managed to entertain themselves whilst I attended to mummy duties.

Day 28

Some silly night time antics going on, Freya was quite proud to let me know that she had "balloon boobies" lol.

Day 29

Unfortunately Layla was poorly and spent most of the day upset, hence the only photo I could get was one with tears :-( Her sisters spent a lot of time making funny faces trying to cheer her up though.

Day 30

Gracie, I mean Rapunzel was ready for her picture to be taken, Layla was finding things to do with an empty loo roll, Elise was engrossed with Lego and Freya was getting to grips with pouring out ketchup.

Day 31

All about new things, new wellies, new glasses, new underwear and new hats.

Day 32

This is how the girls started their day today.


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  1. Loving the balloon boobies lol. Another week of fab photos, and I hope everyone is feeling better now, and that you had a wonderful birthday!

    1. Everyone is feeling much better apart from our little snotty Layla xx

  2. Loving the balloon boobies :) So much fun can be had with balloons

  3. Love the funny faces to cheer their sister up, so sweet! Hope you managed to get some time to celebrate your birthday!

    1. I celebrated a little late with a date at the weekend :)

  4. gosh i hope the lurgy has left your house too!! x

  5. happy birthday, I hope all the bugs have gone now x

  6. Hahaha balloon boobies :)
    Happy belated birthday, I hope that the girls are feeling better and that you got to celebrate eventually x

  7. Balloon boobies is hilarious :) I love how make sure to try and capture all your kids even with the tears they are lovely.

  8. Thanks for linking up to Project 365, new linky already live.


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