Tuesday 17 June 2014

E is for …… Elise

There was no question what or in the case who was going to be in my photograph for the letter E, infact you will probably notice a little theme over the next couple of weeks. E is of course for my eldest  daughter Elise. This beautiful girl amazes me every day, her thirst for knowledge is astounding, she is definitely more intelligent than me!! I couldn't be more proud her.


*This post is linked up with the alphabet project*


  1. Such a lovely post Chantelle and a gorgeous photo! She's growing up so fast. A great E, thank you so much for sharing with #alphabetphoto

  2. What a cutie. I can see the family resemblance. And I love the glasses! Emma

  3. Oh what a wonderful little face she has; so gorgeous. She looks like butter wouldn't melt but I bet she's a minx?



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