Tuesday 17 June 2014

Getting Into The World Cup Spirit with DuckTape

If you hadn't noticed yet, the World Cup has started!! Duck Tape are joining in with celebrations and they've asked myelf and 7 others bloggers to take part in the #duckworldcup.

Each blogger has been given a different group and we have all been sent the colour tapes that we will need to create the flags for each of the countries in our groups.

I was given group B containing : Spain, Netherlands, Chile and Australia. Now I'm not very knowledgable when it comes to football so I don't really know the best team to be supporting but this gave us a great opportunity to learn a bit more about different countries and their accompanying flags.

I decided to make something different for each team so that the girls and I could show our support each time they played.

Netherlands Flag

1. Get prepared with the materials you will need : scissors, sellotape, ruler, 4 straws and an A4 piece of paper.

2. Fold the piece of paper in half and in half again.
Cut along the folds, giving you four pieces of paper.

3. With your ruler measure one of the pieces of paper to find the centre.
Put the white duck tape through the middle of the paper.

4. Using your ruler again to measure out the lines equally, you then place the red duck tape at the top of the paper and the blue at the bottom. This forms the pattern of the Netherlands flag.

5. Turn your flag around. Place one straw on one side of the paper, left or right, it is up to you.
Then stick it down with sellotape. I stuck some sellotape vertically and some horizontally to make sure that the straw was secure.

6. Your flag is now finished. All that is left to do is start waving it around!!

Spains Badge

1. Using one of the rolls of duck tape, draw around the centre of the roll, this gives you your badge shape, cut these out.

2. Stick the yellow duck tape along the middle of the circle.

3. As you did for the Netherlands flag, use your ruler to measure out the top and bottom sections equally.
Then stick the red duck tape down, folding around the back and cutting of any excess that isn't needed.

4. Turn the badge around. Get yourself a safety pin and stick it down with tape.

Your badge is now ready to wear and show off.

Chile Bunting

1. Cut out 8 triangles, you can choose what size you make them. Mine measured around 10cm along the bottom.

2. Have your triangles pointy side facing down. Place a strip of red at the bottom of each triangle.

3. Use the blue duck tape for the left hand side of the flag, this needs to be half the size of the white side.

4. The fiddly part, cutting stars out of the white duck tape and sticking then on the blue side.

5. Place a hole at the top centre of each triangle and thread through some string, making sure to tie a knot at the top of each triangle so that it can't slide around.

Your bunting is now ready to hang, we popped ours on the kids bedroom windowsill. These would be fab party decorations!!!

Australia Banner

1. Start with a large piece of paper or card. How big is up to you.

2. Completely cover with the blue duck tape, making sure to leave no gaps between the lines of tape.

3. In the left hand corner start making the white crosses with the white duck tape.

4. Over the top of the white make the red crosses with the red duck tape, folding any excess over the edges.

5. Cut out six white stars using the white duck tape and stick in place on the flag.

There you have your completed banner, ready for when you start cheering at the football matches.

I'm are now looking forward to seeing just how my group does in the tournament, fingers crossed one of them wins as I could be in with a chance of winning some crafting goodies from Duck Tape.


Disclaimer : I was sent the coloured duck tapes free of charge as part of this challenge, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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