Saturday 14 June 2014

Project 365 Days 159 - 165

The house hunt goes on this week, two viewings were cancelled because the house were already let :( trying to remain positive. This week I also managed to jinx myself. It was only Sunday when we were at a friends BBQ, we were discussing chicken pox and the fact that it had started to go round again. Well Gracie woke up the next day covered in chicken pox, this has meant on a beautifully sunny week, we have been stuck in the house, hooray for having a back garden!!! So whilst we wait for Layla to come out in spots too, project 365 carries on….

Day 159

We were round our best friends house having a BBQ, the girls and my godson were all playing nicely whilst enjoying the sunshine.

Day 160

This was the day Gracie woke up with chicken pox!! Freya was her usual smiley self, Elise got herself comfy whilst watching the TV and Layla was looking cool whilst colouring.

Day 161

Day two of chicken pox and Gracie was not a happy bunny. Layla was hiding from the sunshine whilst Elise was bathing in it and this was how I found Freya first thing in the morning, the floor was obviously much comfier than her bed!!

Day 162

Dinner outside, Elise and Freya carried on drawing whilst eating, multi tasking from a young age!!

Day 163

This was a grumpy day, Layla had a snotty nose, Gracie was upset at having to stay at home, Elise got told off at school and Freya was not loving the camera!!

Day 164

Gracie decided it was her turn to push Layla in the toy buggy, not sure how she was managing it backwards mind and yes the loom band obssession has arrived in the Hazelden household.

Day 165

What does sunny weather call for?? An early morning ice cream snack, that's what :)


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  1. Oh poor things :( GG had chicken pox in a heatwave too - it's no fun at all. Hope they're better soon

  2. Ah the loom band obsession, so much fun ;) Poor Gracie, hope she recovers soon - I'm sure the ice cream helped! #365

  3. Beautiful girls :) I hope she has recovered from the chicken pox's, not good in this heatwave. I hope next week I will be reading about good news for the house move, fingers crossed x

  4. CP and heat is never nice hope she recovered alright bless her. I never heard of those loom bands before but they look fab!xx

  5. Oh no chicken pox :-( hope it soon leaves your house. Hope you have more luck with the house hunting xx

  6. Hope the chicken pox is past the worst. Love the pic of them eating ice cream together :)

  7. Loving your photo's as always Chatelle. Poor Gracie....hope she is soon better. Good luck with finding another house x #365

  8. oh no, not chicken pox :( I totally agree that ice cream is called for, especially with sick ones in the house. Good luck in the house hunting

  9. oh no the dreaded Pox .. i hope she is feeling much better! xx

  10. Looks like she is coping with chicken pox very well. We have managed to avoid loom bands so far!

  11. Awww bless. Hope the pox aren't too itchy.
    Love the sleeping on the floor pic this week.

  12. Aww I love Elise's little TV den!
    I hope that they're not suffering with the pox too much in this heat! I love your girls' take on the loom bands too, haven't seen them as headbands before! x

  13. Chicken pox seem to be everywhere at the moment! My little boy had them a few weeks ago. Glad the weather was nice for some fun in the garden though!

  14. Gorgeous shots of your week!
    Hang in there - you'll get a house!! ...Sorry about those chicken pox... ice-cream is our answer to everything child related right now!
    Steph @

  15. Oh no to the chicken pox but yes to the early ice cream! Loving the loom band hair accessories


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