Tuesday 1 July 2014

G is for ….. Gracie

This weeks Alphabet Project sees us reaching the letter G. With the past two weeks showing my daughter's Elise and Freya, this weeks letter just had to represent my 4 year old Gracie. This cheeky little thing will be going up to 'big school' in September and even as she grows into a young girl, I always picture her as my baby.

This is the one daughter out of four that is most certainly a daddy's girl and boy has she got him wrapped round her little finger, the phrase butter wouldn't melt most certainly applies to her!!

When she talks she has shall we say a high pitched voice and she has been compared to The Big Bang Theories Bernadette, it just adds to her cute factor. I think the picture above shows her off perfectly.


*This post is linked up to the alphabet project.*


  1. That's such a great photo photo of Gracie and I love that you've been able to show Elise and Freya already. The alphabet project was made for you! Such a lovely post too, she's adorable #alphabetphoto


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