Thursday 3 July 2014

Seafood Tagliatelle Recipe

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed May's Degustabox and inside were two products from Cirio, passata and tomato puree. I promised you lot a recipe which included these ingredients so I opted for a simple pasta dish, seafood tagliatelle. This a quick and easy meal to make and serves 4-6 people depending on portion size, just follow the simple steps below.

seafood tagliatelle


* 500g Fresh Tagliatelle
* 350g Frozen SeaFood which has been defrosted
* 270g of Cirio Passata
* 2 Tbsp Cirio Tomato Puree
* 2 Handfuls of Frozen Peas


* Cook the tagliatelle according to the packets instructions, this normally takes 3-5 minutes.

* While the pasta cooks, put the rest of the ingredients in a separate pan and cook on high until the pasta has cooked, making sure to stir every so often.

* Once the tagliatelle has cooked, drain and place in the pan with the other ingredients, mix together and  cook for a further minute.

* I like to serve it up with warm crust bread .

seafood tagliatelle

Do you have a favourite pasta recipe?



  1. That looks yummy! We love pasta so this would be great x #RecipeoftheWeek

  2. That looks and sounds so simple, yet so yummy, why don't I ever think of cooking with frozen seafood? Great idea, I'll definitely be trying this one out!


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